Argh, Jesus Christ

So many times I have to apologize for my lateness… but here I go again.

Sorry for my lateness ><

It’s harder than I thought having an internship and college at the same time. Just to you know, I wake up at 4, 5AM to go to the 7AM class in my college. The classes end at 13h, 14h, when it’s the time for my internsip (luckily my internship is inside the university). And so I stay here till 18h, to then go back to my home at 20h. I have dinner and tired for the whole day I sleep at 21h. 21H!! Do you see a 23 years old woman sleeping at 21h??!! So I sleep 7 hours (at least that part is good, but imagine waking up with huge regret and judging yourself for sleeping nicely instead of doing work), wake up at 4AM and the circle of life begins again.

Seriously, this 4 months were the quickest time of my life and now next week is the end of my 5th period in college.

And I didn’t have time to do shiiiiiit! Only in the weekends, trying to finish my classworks like a maniac!

So yeah, I’m really sorry about this, I wish I had more time… but I don’t. At least after next week I’ll be free from the college, but not free from my internship anyway… ergh.


I really like the fact that people still send me money and I love you all for this, but really, I don’t need more money for now. But really, thank you. :3

fynxmirideon said: Oh mighty emperor how about a challenge, what do you say? You can handle one Dib slave, but what about two at once? Think you can handle it, or will your pak become to overloaded by your sensors? This fire witch would like to request you on your knees, taken from behind while your mouth occupied with a lovely Dib clone, or robot, take your pick, of course I humbly ask.


Hey!" "Hey!"

*looks at each other*

Haha!" "Haha!"

Dib here.

"And clone."

It was too hard to get Zim on his knees with both of us going at it.

"He kept stabbing us. -_-"

He was much more complacent after the rope though.

"We should do this more. He seemed to love it."

I’ll make sure to ask when his mouth isn’t full. Right Zim?


Haha!" "Haha!"

Sexy old Dib is sexy >3

narutoyaoifangirl said: Could you please draw Dib tied up and getting an 'inspection' from Zim's tentacles. Pretty Please Emperor??



does this satisfy you~?

it always satisfies me~ 

hmmm deliciousss…

Anonymous said: Do Dib and Zim at one point have sex in the comic but in the future pages? X33 I'm so curious about that xD I'd love to see that in your style.

Well, I said before, I just don’t know if it was here or on DeviantArt:

I’m thinking of 3 chaps.

We’re ending the first, actually.

The sex is gonna be more in the third one (MAYBE XD)

But dun worry, there are other kinds of fun than just sex, ain’t I right? Huh? HUH? XP

Anonymous said: how long does it usually take you to complete a page?

If I was with free time it’d take like a day or two. But now that I’m busy 24/7 I try my best to make in a week, failing horribly XD


For God’s sake, the shadow in the last panel is not Zim’s dick, it’s his spiderlegs XD

Beside you can see in the second panel that his dick didn’t grow anymore, it just grew to “expell the liquids” XP

Anonymous said: Aah Zim is cumming! Godbless you for this sexy comic. Do you have enough money for the next page yet?

Yes, I do have for the next two pages, thank you for asking ^w^

ZADR - Discovering You Page 20

ZADR - Discovering You Page 20

Anonymous said: Can we see Dib tied up? Maybe with some little socks on? Thank you! Xx


is this the cuteness that you wish, human?

Emperor Zim just made a clone of Dib when he was little to make you happy, human, so BE GLAD XDDD

i-luv-emoboys said: Um... Okay so um. Hey emperor I was wondering if you could do a ZaDr of Dib in Zim's lab and Zim is holding him down with his metal tentacles and he's also undressing Dib while Dib is being held down. Not undressing the good way lol but just using his claws to rip his clothes x3 please. If you can.


the Dib slave claims you now owe him a new shirt. 

People, donation to pay a new shirt for this poor guy XDDD

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sleepipanda said: Hey, Almighty Zim..What did you do the moment you realized you wanted Dib?


… God damnit, that’s so hot. >w<

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liermeik said: Oh, mighty Emperor! *bows* I humbly ask a ZADR in which Zim is such a masochist bastard that he loves when Dib takes off his PAK and plays with the connection holes in his body! >33


what’s the point of sexually exploring an alien if you don’t inspect every hole~? <3

yes, indeed, what’s the point? >3 (by the way, it was me who asked that question ^^)

This is a new amazing blog where this wonderful artist will grant all your porny-porn desires, from zadr, homestuck and keneddy to any oc you can even imagine. So enjoy, ask the Emperor!! He’s waiting for ya…. >3

didakai said: Well when I heard you were from Brasil I was like: cool I'm from Portugal. XD I'm not good at writing in my language either... I realy like your comic and your take on Irken anatomy. It has become the way I see it too, but I add some extra somethings. ^^ The way I see it male and female are the same. Their worm-member (like you've put it) is like a constrictor snake that can strangle and breack bones, and it has some kind of toothless mouth at the tip. So when it comes to sex, you get the idea.

Woah, that’s actually very interesting! 8D… It actually makes me remember that silent scene of King Kong when the giant insects start to attack the men and there’s that giant worm sucking the man’s head, ARGH XD

But it also reminds of a fic that I read once, about irkens having such hard dicks and the “vagina” part of their bodies has sharp teeth, because that’s the only way to cling the penis into it… It doesn’t hurt between irkens, but when Dib tried to fuck Zim… god, it was terrible XP

Anyway it’s actually a great idea… buut sadly if I use it, it will mean that to show it Zim’s worm will suck Dib’s penis and sooner or later he’s going to lay an egg…

And, well, I don’t like making male/alien pregnancy thingy. I apreciate when people do make it, I mean, blackdragon-sama has a wonderful zadr story about it, but… eh… I just don’t like making things like this XD

But anyway thanks a lot for your help :DDD (I’m gonna publish it, just in case people would like to imagine such precious kind of alien sex, yummy >3)

Anonymous said: Does the bulging in Zim's pants at Dib's window have anything to do with the... um... well, the hole (is that how it spelled?) part where Zim's penis fell out?

yes, his worm-member was comming out at that time XD

zomandfriends said: I was gonna say something amazing about your comic and be a critic, making jokes whilst judging your art. But then my brain exploded. But anyways, really, really like your comic, art style, and you.

… Why did your brain explode, was that a good thing? XDDD

Anyway thank you for liking the comic, I really apreciate it ^^